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Our History

Successfull and Innovative From Its Inception

From the very inception, Clorius Controls has been a company driven by the innovative spirit and visions of the future.
The company was founded at the time when industrial revolution was changing the face of Europe. Established by two entrepreneurial brothers, Axel and Odin Clorius, who were among the first to recognize the need for precise temperature and pressure controls, which helped them envision and manufacture some of the most visionary products for flow management and heat solutions.
Today, Clorius Controls is the name associated with high-quality valves, actuators, and comprehensive control solutions supporting various marine and industrial applications.
We are represented in 50 countries with sales offices in Denmark, China, Russia and Poland. 
We are a company driven by the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. From the very first radiator thermostat to our exceptionally tight 3 way valves, we hold a myriad of patents for product essential to today’s industries.