New valve for steam and hot water

2-way valve for steam, hot water and heat transfer oil - DN 200, 250 and 300

BROEN Clorius Controls’ new range of control valves are designed for regulating steam and hot water systems. The valves can be used in conjunction with our temperature or pressure regulators for controlling industrial processes, district or central heating plants and marine installations.

By using the latest technologies and durable materials BROEN Clorius Controls have managed to develop a revolutionary valve with significant benefits compared to similar products in the market.

  • Compact and light weight design
  • Low leakage rate
  • Easy maintenance
Compact and light weight design
The compact design saves up to 50% in height. This makes it easier to fit in an application which saves space, makes transportation easier with less need for supporting structure. Furthermore, it can be installed with vertical as well as horizontal spindle orientation giving you a flexible installation, saving installation space/cost and ensuring low down time due ease of access to valve/ actuator.
Low leakage rate
Leakage rate: Class IV 0.01% leakage of full open valve capacity – meaning less leakage through the valve in closed position and optimized regulation (pressure/temperature). Low leakage also means saving energy, protection of the system and longer lifetime.
Easy maintenance
Spindle sealing mounted on top of the valve gives you easy maintenance in case of leaking valve spindle sealing, thus low downtime and reduced risk of damage of insulation. Furthermore the exchangeable spring loaded spindle sealing offers you low risk of leakage, longer lifetime and reduced down time. Last-but-not-least - valve seat and plug  is easy accessible & exchangeable. 

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Connections: Flanges: EN, ANSI, JIS
Temperature (working): Steam max. 225°C / Oil max. 250°C
Pressure: 25 bar
KVS-VALUE [M3/H]: DN200-725 / DN250-1000 / DN200-1500

Valve body/cover: Cast steel P240GH
Cone/seat/shaft: Stainless steel AISI316/AISI304
Gasket: TFM and PVMQ

Characteristics: Linear / Equal percentage
Mounting: Vertical / horizontal


Type: SC – spring close
Supply air pressure: 3-10 BAR
Input signal: 0,2-1,0 BAR
Protection class: IP65
Filter with manometer: connection: 1/4“
Air quality: dry and filtered air, non-aggressive gasses
Air supply connect: 1/8” RG Female
Temperature: - 25°C to + 115°C
Features: Override manual operation
Mounting: Vertical / horizontal

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Spray drying / steam drying
  • Food / beverage
  • Dairy
  • Sugar plants
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • EPC / Contractors
/ Liquid concentration
  • Food / beverage
  • Pulp
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Alcohol
  • EPC / Contractors
Desalination / dewatering
  • Land based water plants
  • EPC / Contractors
Large steam boiler
installations / applications
  • Boiler manufacturers
  • EPC / Contractors
COGEN and power plants
/ heating
  • Power and CHP plants
    • Substations
    • Distribution system
  • EPC / Contractors
  • Tank cleaning
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BROEN Clorius Controls is a leading manufacturer of valves, actuators and comprehensive control solutions supporting various marine and industrial applications.

Aside from our exhaustive assortment of control valves and actuators, we provide tailored solutions, including electric, pneumatic, self-acting and internally sensed control systems to meet the specific requirements set by the customers. 

Our products, constructed with premium materials ensure longer life cycle, minimal maintenance and lower cost of ownership. 

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