CO2 reductions and fuel savings with low leakage valves

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Energy efficiency and reduction of emissions are two top priorities for most shipowners. Both requirements can be met by replacing the 3-way valves for the main engine with valves from BROEN Clorius Controls with a lower leakage over the HT FW cooler which will save fuel used to reheat the HT water.

Green Ship of the Future, a partnership of leading players in the maritime industry, have made a case study of three different vessels that underlines how easy it is to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption by retrofitting. 

In the report they point out how small changes can create remarkable results for the shipowner, in particular when the ship is at anchor (idle mode) where the engine is shut down, but kept heated, ready for operation. 

Control valves with 0,5-3% leak is pretty normal in many vessels but what if you could change that to only 0,01%?
Calculate your own savings

Below you can download a tool that will help you calculate your return on investment (ROI) when replacing your current 3-way valves with low internal leakage control valves from BROEN Clorius Controls.

Based on data from your vessel we also calculate savings like energy loss, cost savings and fuel savings.


Low leakage valve

With electric control valves you can reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize the effectiveness of your vessel by extending operating hours on your engines and better controlling temperature.

Read more about the 3-way linear valve below or browse all our 3-way linear valves to find what you need. If you already have a linear valve from BROEN Clorius Controls this can be exchanged to a low leakage valve with exact same installation dimensions at a minimal exchange cost.

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Aside from our exhaustive assortment of control valves and actuators, we provide tailored solutions, including electric, pneumatic, self-acting and internally sensed control systems to meet the specific requirements set by the customers. 

Our products, constructed with premium materials ensure longer life cycle, minimal maintenance and lower cost of ownership. 

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