CHP Cogen

CHP Cogen

Why use Clorius control valves for CHP/Cogen?

Control valves from Clorius Controls are the perfect solution for Cogeneration/CHP (Combined Heat and Power) installations. Our long history (since 1902) and extensive valve technology knowhow have provided us with a strong expertise in developing high quality control valves with the following advantages:
✔️ Energy Efficiency
✔️ Reliability
✔️ Low Leakage

CHP improvements with Clorius Control valves

End of March 2020 the North Power Station in Bermuda opened after the old engines were retired and new ones installed to improve efficiency, reduce noise etc. The North Power Station is a full turnkey EPC plant consisting of 4 x 14.4 MW MAN 14V51/60 Dual Fuel engines totalling 56 MW, with all mechanical auxiliaries, electrical auxiliaries and civil works.

BROEN Clorius supplied 12 rotating DN150–DN200 control valves painted as required by the customer.

Pioneers in Temperature and Pressure Controls

Clorius Controls is a leading manufacturer of valves, actuators, and comprehensive control solutions supporting Gogen and Combined Heat & Power applications. Aside from our extensive assortment of control valves and actuators, we provide tailored solutions, including electric, pneumatic, selfacting and direct-acting control systems to meet the specific requirements set by the customer.

Clorius’ products are designed to meet the challenging requirements of our clients. Our products, constructed with premium materials ensure longer life cycle, minimal maintenance and lower cost of ownership.